Public Safety Division Announces V6.6 Software Release

6/2013 – CAI Public Safety Division announces V6.6 software release with numerous updates across our systems…


Rated Jail Capacity – In order to capture a true rated jail capacity and to more easily produce reports  to the Sheriff’s Association showing actual capacity overage, agencies must “Define their facility” along with Block/Pod or Block/Pod/Cell designation.  This is captured in the Agency Control File with actual bed or pod level definitions in the Jail Control Menu/Cell-Areas.

Extensive VINE updates

New*  Randomized Property Audit functionality

New*  CAD Passdown Log for use by dispatch personnel

New “Global CAD Stat reports” – STATS - GLOBAL EVENTS BY ESN, NOC, By Circumstance Code or Source of Call

Numerous CAD Mobile updates

New*  ARTS Main Menu Passdown Log for officers

Expansion of Electronic Citations and Accidents Interface

New* Incident  functionality allowing Auto Create of victim or owner  from RP names

Permission changes allowing designation by user, to read any locked incident

New Moving Violation (Speed)  Sections on the citation screen

Numerous requested enhancements to shortcuts and data flow