Basic Responsibilities to Secure Email as an Individual User

Your I.T. Department or Service Provider should have numerous safeguards in place to keep the Company's Network less vulnerable to intrusion.  As an individual user, you also have a responsibility to follow best practices when using email and the internet.  Below are three basic procedures to follow in order to help secure your individual email account:


  • Pick a Strong Password and Change it Regularly - A weak password is one that can be guessed easily.  Select a password with upper-case letters, lower-case letters, numbers and symbols, and then change it often.  Using too simple a password or using the same password you use on other sites greatly increases the chances of your email being comprised.
  • Do Not Click on Suspect Links - If an email link looks hidden or comes from an unfamilar source, don't click on it.  It's possible it could inject malware into your machine when you attempt to download a page. In general, clicking on links in email should be avoided.  It is safer to visit the site mentioned in the email directly.
  • Do Not Open Attachments in Unfamiliar Emails - Unless you specifically request a document or it comes from a trusted sender, do not open email attachments.  All it takes is one click and you could unknowningly download harmful spyware.


Even the best email security tools are unable to protect against poor email practices by users.  These basic reminders may help insure you do not inadvertently infect your workstation, or worse yet, the entire company network.



Your CAI Network Technician can answer any questions you may have and provide additional tips.