Public Safety Division Announces V6.6 Software Release

6/2013 – CAI Public Safety Division announces V6.6 software release with numerous updates across our systems…


Rated Jail Capacity – In order to capture a true rated jail capacity and to more easily produce reports  to the Sheriff’s Association showing actual capacity overage, agencies must “Define their facility” along with Block/Pod or Block/Pod/Cell designation.  This is captured in the Agency Control File with actual bed or pod level definitions in the Jail Control Menu/Cell-Areas.

Extensive VINE updates

New*  Randomized Property Audit functionality

New*  CAD Passdown Log for use by dispatch personnel

New “Global CAD Stat reports” – STATS - GLOBAL EVENTS BY ESN, NOC, By Circumstance Code or Source of Call

Garden City Police Department Utilizes Electronic Submission of Citations and Accidents

5/31/2013 - Garden City Police Department is now live with Electronic submission of citations and accidents to the local and state systems!Through our partnership with FATPOT Technologies,  Garden City PD is now able to process accidents and citations in the field, with electronic submission.The technology allows officers to scan a drivers license or vehicle registration to check for wants at the state and local level. They can also generate the accident report and/or any electronic citations in the field.  The officer would then followup at the station to auto generate their officer report in the ARTS records system, to complete any other paperwork requirements.

CAI Holds Indigent User Group Meeting

In conjuction with the recent IAC Welfare Conference in Coeur d' Alene, CAI held an Indigent User Group Meeting led by Stan Seamons and Cliff Chapin.  We were pleased with the turnout and want to thank everyone for giving the extra time on a busy day.  We reviewed some of the key changes soon to be released with new Indigent revise. We had good feedback on these topics as well as some new questions and concerns. The Indigent revise will be installed state-wide beginning with the Eastern Idaho counties this week. The revise notes and the report changes for revise 6.3 can be found on our website under Local Government/Indigent Tracking/Documentation.  Again, thanks to our users for attending our recent meeting, your input translates to a more efficient and user friendly product.

Jury Program Users Meet From Around the State

All regions of the State were represented at the recent Jury User Group meetings. Following the southwest regional meeting in Meridian, Stan Seamons traveled to East Idaho and North Idaho, to meet with Jury users to get ideas and suggestions for enhancing the existing program.


The Eastern Idaho meeting was held at Bingham County in Blackfoot and was attented by Minidoka, Caribou, Jefferson, Bingham, Oneida and Power Counties.  Garn Herrick, our Regional Manager and Software Service Rep was on hand as well. 


North Idaho counties met at Latah County in Moscow.  In additional to Latah County, Clearwater, Bonner, Idaho and Boundary counties were represented.  Stan and Cliff Chapin, our Software Service Rep in the North, reviewed the program with the users and discussed possible improvements and enhancements.


Southwest Idaho Jury Program User Group meets at CAI's Home Office

CAI recently hosted Jury commissioners and officials from around the western Idaho region.  Various personnel from 8 counties attended the one day workshop in Meridian, to review requests and prioritize enchancements for the next software revision. A big thanks to users from Gem, Washington, Owyhee, Valley, Jerome, Boise, Gooding and Payette counties.  Stan Seamons, our western Idaho Service Rep and Help Desk anchor, conducted the review of the program and solicited valuable input from users.  Justin Cook, Senior Programmer, also attended the meeting along with Service Rep, Clarissa Parker and Service Manager, Shelly Petersen.  CAI's suite of software programs are user driven and customized for county and city government entities. 

Need a Convenient Way to Track IT Service Requests?

Try CAI's new IT TIcket System!  If your entity needs a convenient way to enter and organize IT Tasks for your Network Technician, our new IT Service Station might be the ticket.  From CAI's website choose the Support tab, choose IT Servcies and then Ticket System.  CAI will need to provide login information for your IT Director or Department official. 


You can log questions or tasks for your Network Technician or request a hardware quote or visit. The ticket system is designed to allow you to organize your IT requests and for your Network Technician to be better prepared for your onsite visit.  The tickets can be assigned a priority level and status of open, pending or closed.  You can also run queries and reports on all tickets for your agency.


New CAI Website!

  After a lot of hard work, we are excited to anounce the launch of our new website!  Please feel free to browse our site and check out all the new features including our redesigned logo.  We have spent a lot of time working to make our site easier for our customers to navigate to appropriate areas such as product forums, documentation for our products, support pages and ordering pages as well as On-Line chat capabilities for those that are interested in communcating on-line with our service team.


We would welcome any feedback you may have by clicking on this link:  Feedback


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