Public Safety

Computer Arts, Inc. has been developing Public Safety Software for over 25 years.  Throughout the history of that development, we have built our products based on the premise that our customers should have input into that process.  One of our founding principles is to always include our customers in the direction of how our products evolve.  The public safety sector is a very dynamic and changing environment regarding technology.  Our on-going commitment to current and   future customers is that we continue to implement proven and best practices which enable us to provide the best possible software and support for best value.  Our target market is in the small to mid-sized local government agencies.  We provide a full suite of public safety products at a very attractive price.

Local Government

Local County and City governments require very specialized and often custom software solutions.  We currently offer a number of municipal software solutions required for county/city operations.  These solutions have been architected to provide long term stability as well as core functionality that our customers demand.  Our systems are utilized in many local government departments ranging from the Clerk to the Assessor as well as many others.  We recognize that local government agencies have very specific budget requirements and we have customized our pricing model accordingly.  To complement our software systems, our support and helpdesk groups are absolutely committed to providing the highest quality of support available.

IT Services

Our IT support services are one of the fastest growing areas of our business.  With IT technology in a constant state of change, our Network Engineers stand ready and able to tackle even the most difficult problems.  Many of our IT staff is highly trained as well as certified technicians.  This part of our business compliments and enhances our ability to provide a "one stop shop" for our customers.  We have also formed long term partnerships with our manufactures and wholesale vendors that provide the ability for us to pass on very competitive pricing of any required equipment or software to our customers.  Our IT services are available via annual contracts at discounted rate pricing enabling long term customer relationships.  We provide these services to the commercial and government sectors.