Indigent Tracking

Indigent was designed with user friendliness in mind! The user has complete access to information about an application with the touch of the mouse. Department defined codes allow the user the flexibility to customize and tune the system to specific needs. The need to memorize codes is eliminated with promptable fields, which also allows for uniform data entry.

A separate Control Menu stores Agency-Defined codes for financial assets, liabilities & expenses, classification codes, diagnosis categories, and denial codes. Once these codes are created in the Control Menu, they become available to users when entering applications, financial transactions, and other records in the Main Menu. The Control Menu is also where system reports are maintained and the System Administrator maintains the default values for system-generated numbers, CAT amounts, and timeline information.

The MAIN Menu provides access to Applications, Names, and Financial Transactions. Users enter applications as they are received, and track hearing, payment and reimbursement information. Users can also work with rejected payments and unpaid amounts. Indigent may be run as a stand-alone application or as an integrated solution to our Clerk’s Financial program.

  • Maintain Case File Data/History
  • Calendar for important follow up dates
  • Intake process to schedule appointments
  • Notes entry
  • Single name entry & tracking
  • Lien tracking
  • Interface with Clerk’s Financial System for claim payments to vendors
  • Commissioners Reports
  • State Annual report
  • Monthly, Quarterly or Annual statements to clients