CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch)

Our state-of-the-art application incorporates a robust open relational database with intuitive functionality that dispatchers love, i.e. Agency defined Nature of Call types, circumstances, priority, color coded statuses, audible and visual alerts, individually maintained system settings user profiles, shortcut key, function key, or mouse driven functionality, circumstance, and disposition codes. CAD has built in filtering and sorting right on the display panels to allow EASY resource management from the dispatch perspective. It also incorporates information from other systems in use, i.e. RMS, State Systems (NLETS/NCIC), E911, Mapping etc. with the capability to interface to other systems pertinent to each agency’s needs including Fire and EMS Reporting systems.

The software has been designed with ultimate user ease in mind. The system remembers user’s individual log on and screen settings, and has built in agency defined application settings including color and alarms for unit status checks and unassigned events. CAD has been designed to accommodate a single dispatcher handling call taking and dispatching OR filtering and user level configuration to split call taking and dispatch duties on the fly. Filtering to see specific groups of units is easily accommodated with the versatile Windows style of programming of the application. From a single screen, dispatchers can quickly change their view to include or exclude Fire and EMS or Law with a single mouse click.