JMS (Jail Management System)

ARTS’ fully integrated Jail Management module provides for complete and accurate jail administration. Secured functions allow easy administration and security of agency defined code files. Extensive on-line historical information is maintained for each jail booking, including: user-defined booking offenses with default bond amounts, personal property, commissary, independent jailer activity log (cell checks, meals, exercise, etc), inmate activities (visitation, meds, court dates, etc), comments/observations, scars, marks and tattoo capture, warrants cross check, user-defined medical questionnaire, and housing charges. Mug shots are built into the Jail Management module. Pictures are taken from a jail booking PC, using a digital camera. The mug shots are saved with the booking and automatically post a thumbnail picture in the main name file.

Customized admission and release paperwork is easily accessible as well as specialized formats for state and federal fingerprint card printing right off the system. ARTS prints information only when applicable to the booking (for example, if commissary is not entered, this column does not print on the paperwork).