RMS (Records Management System)

ARTS allows Public Safety agencies to manage critical records easily and report offenses and arrests directly to state crime information centers and in turn the FBI. Information is input into ARTS through various day-to-day operations of case tracking, but the name file is the “hub” of the entire system. Names are entered into the ARTS database only once. Emergency Service Personnel deal with people, individuals, businesses, etc, and as information is gathered regarding an incident, arrest, booking, accident or other Public Safety contact, the system automatically connects these records to the name file. This relational method of connecting names to records allows the display of all records belonging to a name. Once a name has been added to the system, a click of a button brings up all records connected to that name. Users can zoom into these records with a click of the mouse.

ARTS visually flags active warrants, civil papers, and alerts with a red indicator and checks for matching SSN/OLN on individual names. Historical address and telephone information is also automatically updated with day-to-day use of the system. Associated relationships (AKAs, spouse, parents, enemies, etc) among people are also easily maintained through the main name file. A special "Move" function allows streamlined records management by combining records from one legal name to another in the event that duplicate or alias names are discovered.